Optimal image size for an online store

How the size of product images affects site performance and increases sales.


5 advantages of high-resolution photos

  1. Greater accuracy and detail: High-resolution photos provide greater accuracy and detail, allowing customers to see products with greater precision and sensitivity to detail, which can translate into increased engagement and purchases.
  2. Better photo quality: High-resolution photos tend to be clearer and sharper than lower-resolution photos, meaning they can better convey color, texture and other product features.
  3. Greater editing flexibility: High-resolution photos allow for greater editing flexibility, such as cropping, rescaling, clipping and other effects, which can be helpful in tailoring a photo to meet website requirements.
  4. Use for various purposes: High-resolution photos can be used for a variety of purposes, such as printing advertising materials, banners, Facebook or Instagram ads, or even on advertising posters.
  5. Improving brand photo: The use of high-quality product photos can positively influence brand photo and build brand value, which can lead to customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

4 reasons to avoid small photos

  1. Low photo quality: Too low a resolution of photos leads to a loss of photo quality, which can lead to difficulty for customers to see product details, and negatively affect their purchasing decisions.
  2. Insufficient editing flexibility: Product photos that are too low in resolution can make it difficult to edit them, such as cropping, rescaling, or cropping, which can lead to difficulties in adapting the photo to meet website requirements.
  3. A bad impression of the brand: Product photos that are too low-resolution can have a negative impact on a brand’s photo, as customers may perceive it as unprofessional and unkempt.
  4. Incompatibility with e-commerce store requirements: Some e-commerce platforms have requirements for the resolution of product photos, and a resolution that is too low may not meet these requirements, leading to problems uploading photos and leading to delays in making products available on the website.

The optimal resolution is 2000×2000 pixels

Currently, cameras are capable of taking pictures in very high resolution, which is a benefit for photographers and photo enthusiasts who can delight in the detail of their pictures.

However, for online stores, you need to exercise restraint and choose the right resolution for your product photos, which will ensure that every detail is visible while not slowing down the loading of the page.

Overly high resolution photos can lead to much longer page load times, which can discourage customers from buying and lead to lost conversions. Therefore, when choosing the optimal resolution for your product photos, you need to consider not only the quality and detail, but also the loading speed of your website, which is crucial for a good user experience and increased conversions.

At marshal.studio, we are up to date with current e-commerce trends. We know that choosing the right resolution is crucial in order to provide customers with clear and eye-catching product photos, but at the same time not negatively affect the page loading speed.

Our team follows trends and research on the resolution of screens used during online shopping in Poland in order to provide customers with photos in optimal quality that meet their needs and requirements.

In 2023, the basic resolution we prepare at marshalstudio is 2000×2000 pixels.

How to speed up photo loading

What if we need to use noticeably higher resolutions or want to speed up an online store or website?

1. hosting

Choosing faster hosting: Choosing faster hosting can significantly improve the loading speed of your site, especially if you are dealing with a large number of high-resolution photos. When choosing hosting, it is worth paying attention to the speed and performance of the server, as well as whether it offers tools to optimize the site. At marshalstudio, we use rocket.net. The price is not competitive with native ones, but since our site consists mainly of photos, speed was a key aspect.

2. photo compression

You can use a variety of online tools or graphics programs to compress photos, reduce their size and improve page loading speed. However, it is important not to over-compress, as too low quality photos can negatively affect sales.

3. webP format

Using WebP format: WebP format is more optimized than JPG or PNG, resulting in smaller file size and faster page loading. However, not all browsers support this format, so it is worth checking if it is compatible with your browser. You can read more here.

4. page optimization

In addition to solutions that directly affect photos, it is also worth focusing on full optimization of the website or online store.

The marshalstudio.pl uses worpdress and is optimized with the wp-rocket.me plugin. This is completely sufficient for basic site optimization.

Here are a few things to consider when optimizing your site with WP Rocket or another such tool:

  1. Caching allows you to cache page elements such as photos, CSS style and JavaScript scripts. As a result, page loading is much faster.
  2. Minification and merging of CSS and JavaScript files reduces file size and speeds up loading.
  3. Lazy loading, which allows photos to be loaded only when they are needed, greatly speeding up page loading.
  4. Eliminate blocking rendering, allowing browsers to load the page faster.
  5. Real-time cache cleansing to remove old files and speed up page loading.
  6. Disable unnecessary scripts which reduces the number of queries and speeds up page loading.


In conclusion, properly sized photos for e-commerce is an important factor that affects the performance and loading speed of a website. The larger the photo size, the better you can see the details, but files that are too large can be too heavy and cause the page to load slowly. That’s why it’s a good idea to adjust the size of your photos according to your customers’ needs and current e-commerce trends.

If you use higher resolutions or need to speed up page loading, there are many ways to optimize your photos and improve page performance.

When creating e-commerce sites, it is also worth keeping in mind that customers of different industries use different devices. Therefore, it is important to customize the site.

Need help choosing the right resolution for specifically your online store? Contact us and we will choose the right size.

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