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We exceed expectations. We’re here to get your brand image on track, then put it into action. Together we will create a better dimension in which the product stands out on an increasingly competitive market.

The ninth year when marszalstudio, and in fact the people who co-found our agency, became one of the top professionals in Poland. Professionals whose relentless drive to achieve goals will, after careful analysis, set your brand on the right course.

We are fully aware of the importance of having a good understanding and a fresh take on the nature of the product. We will create the perfect image for it or take care of the existing one while it leads you to your goals.

We are committed to communicating with product purchasers by optimising the choice of tools, channels and aesthetics. This is how we manage to build a relationship and gain the trust of your Client.

Creation • Implementation • Effect


We like to see you doing well! Your success is the measure of our strength.

01As we are keen to bring out the uniqueness of your product, we are happy to learn about your brand philosophy at the very beginning. At this stage we want to find out what the needs and expectations are. All this is done in order to support the functioning of the brand in the best possible way from the digital point of view.

02We implement, inspire, adapt to expectations and present what, from our experience and confirmed many times in the market, counts most.

03The executive phase, which mainly involves our team – you have a rest. You have full decision-making power. Your trust is most important to us. What matters here is our shared satisfaction with the process we build to develop your brand. We can do better together.

+700 BRANDS HAVE ALREADY TRUSTED US BY [wpdts-day].[wpdts-month]

696 BRANDS HAVE ALREADY TRUSTED US BY [wpdts-day].[wpdts-month]