Terms used in the studio

Let's de-emphasize the terminology used in the photo studio.

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It’s a kind of breakfast in the studio, during which we discuss expectations for a particular project. Actually, it’s just a short but specific guideline that tells us what kind of photos you want.


It stands for “inspiration,” which means inspiration. Photos that help us understand what kind of product photos are attractive to you and what style you would like to receive.


It’s such a visual cork board where we put pictures, colors, textures and elements that convey the atmosphere and direction of your project. Moodboard helps us understand your expectations and create a consistent aesthetic that will delight your customers.


It’s such a family of photos where each product …touches. We use styrofoam to show all the photos from the shoot when there are a lot of them.


It’s a sample of cosmetic colors and textures, ideal for showing customers what a product will look like on their skin. Swatches are a kind of showcase for any cosmetic.

Packshot / Pakshot

In short, it’s a photo of your product professional or not, usually on a white background. This is a classic way of presenting a product for ecommerce, which focuses attention on its features and appearance.


“Lifestyle” photos are like life in a nutshell, showing your products in their natural environment. Let your customers get a feel for what their daily life will be like with your product!


It’s kind of like a photo album, but instead of vacation memories, it showcases your products in different styles. Perfect for showing customers how many options they can get with your product line.


The term is basically our merry creation. A combination of organic and packshot. It’s all-natural product photography, like fruit straight from the tree. Minimal interference with the photo makes your product look fresh and authentic. Minimal arrangement and colorful backgrounds will complete the picture.

Packshot studio / Packshociarnia

This is the place where our photographic wizards work, creating perfect product photos for you. Something like Hogwarts for e-commerce photography!


It’s a magical tool that can turn a photo into a true masterpiece. Minor adjustments, retouching or special effects – anything to make the photos look even more appetizing.

Post Production

Like dessert after dinner, this is the final step in working on a photo. Retouching, colors, framing – everything is polished to the last button so that the client can enjoy a perfect product photo.


It’s such a sculptural process of cutting products from the background of a photo. This results in perfect product isolation and a finished packshot.

PNG format

One of the photo file formats in which we save photos. Allows you to store a transparent background, so that the product can be freely placed on other backgrounds.

PSD format

This is the photo file format used in Photoshop. It allows us to preserve layers and effects, so we can easily go back to edit the photo in the future if needed.

WEBP format

This is an photo file format that is increasingly used in e-commerce, such as for ecommerce product presentations. Small size and good quality make it great for websites. It is backed by Google so it is good to pay attention to it. Here we write more about this format.

JPG format

This is one of the most popular photo file formats. Suitable for presenting product photos on the Internet, thanks to its small file size and good photo quality.


It’s the number of pixels in a photo – the larger, the better the photo quality usually is. The higher resolution allows you to enlarge photos without losing detail, which is important when you want to impress clients.


This is the cloud where we store your photos. You can make friends with it and access your photos wherever you are.


It’s the kind of e-post that will quickly and securely deliver your photos to a designated email address. Ideal for transferring large files without worrying about their security.


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