See how we take photos for the Ministry of Good Soap

Enter the world of natural cosmetics with us! Check out the beauty product photos we create for the Ministry of Good Soap.

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The beauty industry is associated with beauty. Usually not only because the cosmetics used provide beautiful results, but also because of the extremely aesthetic packaging or interesting textures of the products. They therefore need an excellent photographic setting. That’s what we know very well! We’ll show you this in the frames we create for the Ministry of Good Soap brand.

Professional product photography for Ministry of Good Soap

We have been creating product photos for the Ministry of Good Soap for several years. This is a brand founded by two Sisters who were motivated by their love of natural soaps. While its name may suggest a specific assortment, the offerings definitely do not consist only of soap. It also features facial, body and hair cosmetics, as well as grooming accessories or scented candles, among other products.

This power of products should be properly photographed, and this task is up to us. For the brand, we create our favorite packshots and photos with arrangement.

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Packshot, packshot… we talk about it so much, but what exactly is packshot? Let’s start with a definition – it’s a photo of a product, usually taken on a white background, showing its most salient features. It is minimalist and extremely aesthetically pleasing, among other things, which is where its unheard-of popularity in e-commerce comes from.

Packshots of packaging

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As is common in e-commerce, product photographs are in many cases photos of their packaging. So we create packshots of cartons, bottles, tubes, cans, sticks or jars. Each of them requires an individual approach, because the raw materials of packaging reflect light differently. Experience in working with studio lighting gives us the confidence that all frames will be successful.

White on white

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Creating packshots of white products is the bane of many photographers. It can be difficult to cut off edges from the background or avoid background burnout. At Marshal, we know how to create perfect photographs, so these elements are not an obstacle for us.

Photos of products with arrangements

Our realizations for the Ministry of Good Soap are not limited to packshots. For the brand, we also create product photos with arrangement. These, unlike packshots, have noticeably richer scenery and more varied lighting.

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Cosmetics are one of those products that can be attractively photographed in many ways. Starting with matching backgrounds, such as an elegant stone, to creative use of lighting, such as creating sharp shadows reminiscent of summer sunshine, to showing product consistency, such as in swatches. (For those unfamiliar with beauty terminology, we’ll do a little interjection: swatches are nothing more than samples of a product presented on a model’s hand or photographic background.)

Product photography for online store

We’ve written quite a bit about our realizations for the Ministry of Good Soap, so you’re surely wondering where you can see them. We hasten to respond! Product photos taken in marshal the brand uses primarily in its online store. The site is kept in white and black colors, so both our packshots and arranged photos fit there perfectly!


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