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Every trainer knows very well that the key to success in sports is a properly selected training plan and perseverance in pursuit of the goal. It’s the same in online sales, but in place of proper exercises, we can substitute professional product photos that will make customers more likely to reach for your offer.

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Product photography for a sports brand

Such a perfectly matched plan can be boasted by the WK DZIK brand, our long-time customer. Her work began with the creation of videos promoting physical activity. Subsequently, they began creating apparel, workout accessories, dietary supplements and healthy sweets. Such progress and achievements require proper presentation, so we create professional product photos for the brand.

Product photos of clothes

Packshots of clothing

Among the product shots of sportswear for the WK Dzik brand, the following are dominant packshots , i.e. minimalist photographs of items taken against a white background. In the case of clothing, the following work best photos on the ghost mannequin, which are characterized by the fact that clothes look like they were photographed on a silhouette. This not only makes the photography much more interesting, but also shows how the cut fits on the body. When taking such photos, we take care of every detail, so each cut is perfectly exposed.

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Product photos lookbook

Our realizations for the brand are not only traditional packshots, but also lookbook photos, presenting the clothing on a person. The models are often played by the brand’s founders. Their poses are quite casual, making the photos much more dynamic than their counterparts on ghost mannequin. This also makes it possible to show how a particular cut is laid out in a body position not available on the mannequin, such as when the arms are bent. An additional advantage of this type of photography is the photo of the models. This one certainly attracts customers to products more than the classic packshot.

Image containing clothes, person, human, standing

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Photos of children’s clothing

Although it might seem surprising, the WK DZIK brand also offers children’s clothing. This one is photographed laid out flat, without deep shadows, and don’t forget the detail shots. This makes the bodysuit look extremely delicate, like the baby wearing it.

Image containing clothes, fashion

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FMCG product photos

The offer of the WK Dzik brand is rich not only in various models of clothing, but also dietary supplements, drinks or bars. Photos of these food products( are usually taken on a white background. These range from small packs of bars or pill jars to entire packs of energy drinks. Regardless of the size, each product is perfectly lit and therefore perfectly photographed.

Image containing food, sweetness, text, candy

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Product photography for online store

The brand uses the product photographs we took primarily in its online store. Photographs on a white background look aesthetically pleasing, and the product itself is brilliantly displayed.

Some of the packshots were used in colorful designs that are extremely eye-catching. Did we already tell you that this is another one of the advantages of packshots?

The projects the brand is using on social media. They look great in instagram tiles and make the profile stand out among many of its kind.


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