Photos on the ghost mannequin – why is it worth it?

A great way to photograph clothing? Photos in the ghost mannequin! We reveal why you should use them!

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Do you hear “ghost” and think of Halloween ghosts or our native ghouls? Or do childhood memories come flooding back, with the friendly ghost Kacper? There are slightly different “ghosts” in product photography, but, like some of the cartoons, they are extremely helpful – they will definitely enhance your online store’s offerings. Why use photos on the ghost mannequin?

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What are ghost mannequin photos?

Ghost mannequin photographs are an extremely popular form of clothing presentation, found both in the virtual space, such as online store offers, and the analog one, such as in catalogs and magazines. This is a type of packshots, usually taken against a white background. So what’s unique about them? The idea is to make the clothes look like they were photographed on a silhouette. However, without the need to involve a model or a female model. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Ghost mannequin clothing photography – how does it work?

Dress on a silhouette, but without a silhouette? Is this even possible? Of course. The basic element of the photos on the ghost mannequin is the mannequin. Clothes are put on it, so that they look their best. They are then photographed with a properly adjusted light. Usually several frames are taken and then combined in post-production. This will make the exposed garment look perfect.

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Advantages of photos on ghost mannequin

Photos of clothes on the ghost mannequin have gained great popularity for a reason. Shooting in this way allows you not only to present the appearance of the garment itself, but also to show how it fits on the body. You’d think this could also be achieved when shooting with a model? Well, okay, but do you then have full control over the placement of the material? Not always. When shooting on the ghost mannequin, we can also present the inside of the garment, which with many cuts is of great importance, and this is difficult to achieve in photos with a model. In addition, by not showing a mannequin or model in the photo, we eliminate distracting elements, so the customer can focus on the product’s strengths.

Ghost mannequin photos also have an advantage over a classic lookbook in terms of turnaround time – they are created much faster, as we do not have to include the stage of preparing the model’s makeup and hairstyle. In addition, you do not pay for the use of her photo.

If you set the same type of lighting of photos on the ghost, even after a longer interval, you will get photographs with uniform aesthetics. This will ensure that the store’s offerings are always consistent and organized.

How else do you photograph clothes?

When presenting apparel in ecommerce, it is worth showing the product comprehensively. This can significantly affect the customer’s decision. It’s not just photos of clothes on a hanger or flatshots, but also photos of clothes on a model that give an additional idea of how the clothes look on the body are important. In addition, it is worth remembering the detail photos that show the closeness of the fabric and detailed workmanship, this allows you to appreciate the quality of the product and its unique features. The video of the photo shoot on the model, introducing dynamics, makes it possible to see how the garment behaves in motion, which can be crucial for potential customers.

Preparing such a full range of materials, showing the product from different perspectives, gives the customer the opportunity to more fully understand the product on offer. In this way, each element – from the photo on the hanger, to the photos on the model and details, to the video from the studio – brings a touch of authenticity and naturalness, adding to the full picture of the product. Using a variety of presentation techniques is the key to attracting the interest and attention of potential customers.


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