Photos of sports and physiotherapy accessories

To run... Ready... Start! We present photos of accessories for the 4fizjo brand.

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We love the world of fashion and beauty, but it wouldn’t be complete without sports and rehabilitation! That’s why we have been working with the 4fizjo brand for many years, creating product photos for them. What do our realizations look like? Check it out!

Product photography for 4fizjo

If the world of sports and physiotherapy is no stranger to you, you will surely be familiar with 4fizjo. It is a brand founded with both professionals and enthusiasts in mind. Among its wide range of products, you will find physiotherapy and training accessories, hiking equipment or water sports equipment.

You can purchase the brand’s products from its online store. Its visuals and, more specifically, the product photos were taken, of course, in marshalstudio. Among other things, we took care of creating packshots, but also arranged photographs.

4fizjo jak robimy zdjecia 3, Photos of sports and physiotherapy accessories

Professional packshots

The first place of our photographic podium, as always, is occupied by packshots . These brilliantly showcase both small items, such as hand training devices or kinesiotaping tapes, and very large ones – swings, trampolines or massage tables.

Photos of white products on a white background

Our packshot relay also features white products, which we photograph on a white background . There is no shortage of these in the offer of the 4fizjo brand! However, white is not scary to us, and in the competition for creating the perfect packshot of a white product we win gold medals. The ground is the right tactics, proven over the years!

Image containing towel Description generated automatically

Photographs with models

Our photographic groupings also feature models and models with whom we create frames for the 4fizjo brand. Their presence in product photos definitely brings the photo to life. Taking photographs on a white background makes them consistent with the rest and together they create an extremely aesthetically pleasing photo of the website.

Image including person, paddling, Human face, Elbow

Lifestyle photos

Paraphrasing a well-known saying, we can say that: “not by packshots alone do the realizations for the 4fizjo brand stand”, because among them we can also find lifestyle photos of products. And that’s in the best way! Sports accessories excel in the model’s exercises, and photos of physiotherapy instruments show ideas for their use. In addition, the lifestyle frames are extremely dynamic, which definitely catches the eye and increases their appeal.

Image containing Fitness, Yoga, Balance, Yoga pants

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Product photography in an online store

The professional photos of 4fizjo products created by us are primarily on the brand’s website. Above all, consistent photographs on a white background provide a consistent photo of the store, which is definitely attractive in the eyes of the customer.

However, this is not the end of the places on the web where you can find our realizations. The brand also uses them in social media. There, he primarily posts dynamic lifestyle photos to accompany educational posts.


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