Photos of household products for DAJAR

Our love for product photography is not limited to cosmetics and apparel photos.

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Marshalstudio’s portfolio is rich in many types of e-commerce framing. In order not to throw words to the wind, we will share an example of our implementation of household goods photography.

Product photos for DAJAR online store

We do not stop at photographing one type of product, so you will also find DAJAR among our clients. It is the largest, distributor of home and garden products, both in Poland and Central Europe. These can be found in the rich offer of the online store.

In this we have our share, because from under our hands (and lenses) come out photos of products that contribute to the offer. For the brand, we create not only professional packshots, but also arranged product photos.

dajar zdjecia produktow, Photos of household products for DAJAR

Photos of white products
on a white background

Image containing tableware, Tableware, mug, ceramic Description generated automatically

Shooting white products on a white background is one of the challenges facing product photographers. And there are quite a few of these in the DAJAR brand’s offer. However, we are not intimidated by such tasks and the photographs taken by us look perfect. The edges of the white product cut perfectly into the background, thanks to skillful work with light and shadow. The use of high contrasts also boosts the attractiveness. This way, the photographed product can be described like those from a well-known laundry detergent commercial – that it won’t get any whiter – and definitely encourages people to buy it.

Glass product photography

Image containing Kitchen utensil, tableware, cup, spoon Description generated automatically

It is said that properly photographing a glass object on a white background is an extremely difficult art. The DAJAR brand offers a variety of glass items, such as: glasses, jugs and glasses. One might say, “not an easy task.” For us, however, there are no impossible challenges. We have many years of experience working with studio lighting, so we know exactly how to set it up so that the glass object looks perfect.

Arranged product photos

Image containing Tableware, dishes, saucer, coffee cup Description generated automatically

On request, we create not only photos of products on a white background, but also those lifestyle . In the arrangements, we focus on elegant minimalism, which goes well with stylish tableware. Delicate additions of fruits and plants are reminiscent of domestic tranquility, as well as restaurant flavors.

Where can you find our photos for the brand?

DAJAR brand uses product photography primarily in its online store. Professional packshots perfectly show the appearance and advantages of the product, which inspires confidence in the customer at the first glance. Photos of products on a white background are also complemented by arranged ones. Thus, the use of the product is shown, and the “home atmosphere” in the arrangement brings the customer closer to the brand.

However, that’s not all! Lifestyle product photos that we take, the Store also uses on social media. They look great in instagram tiles and inspire customers to make their own arrangements.


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