Photos of cosmetics for Sampure

No one will take care of the presentation of your brand's products as well as we do. Check out the realizations for Sampure Minerals.

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Product photography

But let’s start at the beginning and introduce our client. Sampure Minerals is a family-owned brand that, although established in the UK, has been owned by a Polish company for years. Its range is rich in various types of mineral makeup cosmetics, certified Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian and Viva! It also sells dedicated accessories, such as brushes.

This extremely diverse range of products must be properly photographed. We know exactly how to do it. We have been taking packshots and arranged product photos for the brand for years.

sampure minerals jak robimy zdjecia 2, Photos of cosmetics for Sampure

Packshot of cosmetics

As in every realization for our clients, the main star could not be missing here either. So onto the cosmetic red carpet enters packshot It perfectly presents not only the packaging of the cosmetic, but also its consistency. Do we want to show loose powder? It’s on its way! Shimmering flecks on an illuminating lip balm? No problem! How about a precision eyeliner brush? We’ll take care of that too!

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A professional packshot should show the cosmetic in all its glory. And that’s what product photos are.

Arranged photos

Professional product photography that we create for the Sampure brand is not only packshots, but also more artistic, arranged photographs In a wide range of frames you will find minimalist ones, in which the main role, right next to the cosmetics, is played by light and shadow, but also more elaborate ones, abounding in additional props.

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Product photography with a model

Cosmetics photography for the Sampure Minerals brand includes not only product shots, but also photos with models. With this solution, we show the effect of the cosmetic on the skin, which is certainly desired by customers. What’s more, the photos featuring models are definitely more dynamic, making them more memorable.


Think we’ve already listed all the types of frames created for the Sampure brand? Well, no! We have a few more aces up our sleeve, and among them are swatches. If you’re wondering what they are, we’ll give you a quick hint – they’re samples of cosmetic shades exposed on a model’s skin or photographic background. Their definite advantage is the ability to show not only the color, but also the texture of the product, such as glitter flecks or metallic sheen. Want to see the consistency of the lipsticks? Or what shades do the contouring products have? Swatches are the perfect way to showcase this!

packshot 634992, Photos of cosmetics for Sampure

Image photos

Nothing convinces you to buy a cosmetic more than seeing a product tested by female experts in the field. That’s why the brand’s social media, in addition to classic product photos, includes frames created while applying makeup with the brand’s cosmetics. These, of course, came out of our hands.

Image photos are an excellent way to inspire customer sympathy and trust. Giving the brand an “expert face” reinforces the impression of professionalism and knowledge of the products being sold.

Product photos for online store

Photographs of Sampure Minerals products taken at the marshal are used primarily in the brand’s online store, where they perfectly showcase its wide range of products. A large proportion of these, primarily arranged product photos, are used for social media communication. There, thanks to the variety of colors in the pictures, they look fantastic and definitely catch the customer’s eye.


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