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FMCG photos - how to take them? Imagine fresh sprigs of herbs or a delicious dinner dish. How to show their taste in pictures? We know how!

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Imagine fresh sprigs of herbs or a delicious dinner dish. How to show their taste in pictures? We know how!

It would seem that selling FMCG products is the domain of stationary supermarkets. However, their services have begun to expand, and some sales have moved to the Internet. More and more online grocery shopping companies have also begun to enter the market. This has increased the demand for product photography. Just how do you show that freshness of the items you sell on them?

What are FMCG products?

Before we get into photography, let’s start with terminology. Under the mysterious acronym FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is a category of products, classified as necessities. This is primarily food and beverages, but also hygiene products and stimulants. They are characterized by quick marketability and a fairly low price. Increasingly, we are dealing with the sale of fast-moving products online, so they too need a proper presentation on a virtual store shelf. How do you photograph these articles?

How to photograph FMCG products?

Primary products are usually fresh items, so photographing them can seem difficult. In order for their freshness to be immortalized, it is important that they get to the set fairly quickly, and the photographer should not procrastinate in taking good shots. So how do you photograph FMCG products efficiently?


When we talk about product photography, their main star must come out on stage – the packshot on a white background . This is the most popular way of presenting items on virtual shelves, highlighting their assets and introducing a unified aesthetic of the online store. In food photography, both shadowless packshots, which are characterized by a lack of reflections and shadows, and packshots with shadows, which can beautifully emphasize the shape of the product, rise to the occasion. When taking these product photos, it is important to remember to work skillfully with light, so that the freshness of the photographed article is highlighted.

The power of color in product photography

Paraphrasing a well-known adage, we can say that not only white is product photography alive, and invite to the floor of our dance with the stars a pair of food article and a colorful background. So how about a sunny yellow, associated with happiness and joy (or maybe the joy of food?)? Or a relaxing green that evokes the freshness of produce or an orange that is associated with health and vitality?

Kitchen food photo scenery

Let’s move from the colorful dance floor to the kitchen. However, it will not be a backstage, but an arranged setting of a cooking temple! FMCG products will look great surrounded by elegant stones or moody wood. The company of kitchen utensils or vegetables and spices will bring to mind home cooking “just like mom’s”. Such photos are sure to develop a taste for the photographed product!


Both packshots and lifestyle product photos will perfectly emphasize the tasty appearance of the photographed food, and their saturated colors will stimulate the appetite and encourage the customer to buy. However, the speed of the photo shoot is extremely important. At marshalstudio, fresh products go on the set as soon as they are brought in, and you can get ready FMCG photos even in 24 hours!


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