Packshot – what is it?

Discover what packshots are and why they are important in the world of e-commerce.

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Wondering if the use of packshots is necessary to increase sales? Until a few years ago, you could do without professional product photography. A good example of this is the change that allegro has undergone.

Online stores that have poor-quality product photos are seen as outdated and undeserving of trust. This means that fewer and fewer Internet users are choosing to shop at such stores.

So if you want to run a store online, enjoy really good results and attract the attention of potential customers, good packshots are a must.

What are the types of packshots

Speaking of packshots, it is worth pointing out that several types of packshots are currently being made. The most popular, of course, are the classic ones, that is, on a white background. However, he is mistaken who thinks that packshots cannot have a colorful background. Such are also used quite often. Packshots are also made:

Packshot with shadow or reflection

Shadeless Packshot


Packshot of clothing on ghost mannequin

Packshot of garments flat

Packshot of clothing on a hanger

Group packshot

Where to get ready-made packshots?

  1. Internet – on the web you can find pictures of many different products. If you want to use them, however, you should remember one thing: you must have permission from the owner of the photograph. Otherwise, you may be violating copyrights, which can have financial and legal consequences.
  2. The wholesaler you work with – it may be that the wholesaler who supplies you with goods for sale will also offer packshot photography. If you want to use such a service, you must remember to always carefully establish the terms of cooperation. It may be that the photos will be provided for free, but it also happens that you have to pay for them.
  3. Manufacturer – also a manufacturer can offer packshot photos. The rules of cooperation in this regard – as in the case of wholesalers – should be carefully established, clarifying any doubts.

Who to outsource packshots to?

Outsourcing product photography to the right product photography studio is a key element of e-commerce success. To get packshots that actually sell, it’s worth paying attention to a few important points.

First, it is advisable to choose a studio with industry experience and a portfolio that presents high quality workmanship and variety .

It’s a good idea to communicate expectations about lighting, product positioning and composition, which all affect how attractively the product will be presented. Whether in writing or in the form of photo examples.

Cooperation with a professional studio allows the use of appropriate equipment and skills, which translates into high quality packshots received.

It is also worthwhile to ensure good communication with the studio team, so that the whole process goes smoothly and as expected. Taking these aspects into account will result in professional product photography that will successfully contribute to e-commerce sales.


Product photography is a complex concept. Different production technique, concept of creation, as well as the purpose make packshots can differ strongly from each other. This, in turn, allows you to choose those perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Packshots play a key role in the e-commerce industry, influencing product appeal and customers’ purchasing decisions. Their main goal is to sell in online stores.

Nevertheless, packshots also have other uses. They are used in social media, where they add visual value to posts promoting products. In advertising videos, such as on YouTube, packshots can be used as inserts to highlight the advantages of items. Product photography in its classic form also appears on billboards, banners or even product packaging.


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