Organicshot: A revolution in product photography

Have you ever wondered how to revitalize an online store and give it some organic energy?

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We are introducing organicshot, our latest product that combines classic packshot with a natural and organic approach to product photography. Stand out from the competition and give your customers something they want – naturalness and freshness!

Organicshot or packshot bathed in sunlight. A new trend in e-commerce, organicshot, is a combination of classic packshots with maximum natural and organic photos. The products are surrounded by natural light and shadow, which gives them a unique charm. See below how it looks in practice.

Examples of the trend in the network

img32424352353, Organicshot: A revolution in product photography
img32424352355, Organicshot: A revolution in product photography
galeria organicshot marshal, Organicshot: A revolution in product photography

With the growing popularity of organic lifestyles and respect for the environment, more and more brands are looking for ways to incorporate this trend into their online stores. Natural light, shadows and colors help create the impression of an organic and sustainable product, which is especially important in industries such as cosmetics, organic and lifestyle products.

Marketplace platforms still require standardization and classic packshots, but online stores can stand out and build their own aesthetics, not just based on standard shots. In our studio, we prepare organicshot photos by simulating natural sunlight, resulting in crisp colors, sharp shadows and full, saturated background colors.

Comparison with packshot

Comparing organicshot with classic packshots, we notice differences in the choice of background colors, the sharpness of light or the type of shadows. Organicshot uses an abundance of colors and natural shadows to create an offbeat aesthetic that attracts customers’ attention and fits in with modern e-commerce trends.

While classic packshots on a white background are more than versatile and can be used anywhere, Organicshot allows you to stand out and build an offbeat aesthetic in the direction that e-commerce in online stores is going. With organicshot, your online store will get a unique, fresh look that is sure to attract attention.


If you are running a brand related to ecology, sustainability or slow life, organicshot is the perfect choice to help communicate your brand values to your customers.

Order an organicshot and give your online store a chance to stand out We believe that a natural and organic approach to product photography is the future.


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