Optimal set of images for Allegro

What set of photos to prepare to stand out from the competition?

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Increase auction visibility

Allegro pays a lot of attention to the quality of photos inserted by sellers. In 2017, new standards were introduced to give every company a level playing field. Allegro allows you to insert as many as 16 different shots, so you have a chance to take a variety of shots.

Thumbnail photo that sells

Before a potential buyer clicks on your auction, they will see a thumbnail. It is what can encourage people to see the product. If it is poorly made, the customer will not pay attention to your company. According to Allegro rules, product photos for an online store of this type must be made on a white background. All other options will be rejected by the portal, so you must include a thumbnail in the photo set. After the session, it is a good idea to check in a graphics program that there is no discoloration in any area. If at each point the background has an RGB value of 255.255.255, which means pure white – your photo is correct.

Packshots at auction

With the help of photos, you have the chance to present products in such a way that they encourage people to buy. In this case, you can choose the basic option, which is packshots on a white background. Whether they are photographs of footwear, clothing, cosmetics or repair tools is of little importance.

The right frames play a big role. The ideal set of photos for Allegro includes pictures of the product in its entirety and its details. So you can focus on the small elements. Such a solution is ideal for clothing, footwear, cosmetics, jewelry. With detailed photos, you have a chance to show decorative elements, stitching, logos on shoes (but photos cannot include additional brand names in the corner), or buttons.

You can also add photographs of products with a description of the dimensions, if this is needed in a particular case (for example, when selling furniture). Remember, however, that while numbers and arrow symbols can appear in photographs, captions such as length, width and height will disqualify your packshots.

Packshots of clothing on models

In some cases, it is not enough just to present a product. If you sell clothing, footwear or lingerie, opt for photos on models. In this case, you can choose only a shot of the whole silhouette or again more detailed photographs. The more details you show, the better your chances of reaching a large number of customers. Remember that it is interesting to show the same product on people of different sizes and in a variety of styles. In this way you can present the shoes, for example, in combination with a dress or pants.

Can the photos only be on a white background?

While for the thumbnail the rules are clear, for the rest of the photos you can go a little crazy. So you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing a background color or texture. Do you want something creative? Decide on very interesting lifestyle photos or organicshot. Specially created arrangement attracts attention, helps to present the greatest qualities of the product. It’s also a good way for photos to show a product from multiple sides.


If you want to encourage customers to buy, you need to prepare a set of photos that present the product very well. Allegro allows you to insert a large number of photos, so you have a chance to focus on the details. The more details you show, the better your chances of attracting buyers’ interest. That’s why a professional set is photos of each side: in full, detail, from each side, and even from below (for example, with shoes, when you show the soles). You can also show the entire kit, such as when you sell products that require assembly. This way, the buyer will know exactly what he should receive.

If you are looking for professionals to help you make a customized set of photos for your product on Allegro – we are!


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