How to photograph sports accessories?

From the combination of sports and product photography, excellent photos of sports accessories are created!

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Well-crafted product shots are like a training plan – they need to be properly prepared to be effective. Which cadres will work perfectly? We’re tossing around some inspiration!

Product photos on a white background

Even in the most varied training plan, there are fixed elements, the performance of which is a must have during every visit to the gym. Their counterpart in online store offers are packshots showing the most important features of the products. We have already written about their types in previous articles ➡️ What is a packshot . Here, too, we will emphasize that their presence not only ensures the aesthetic appearance of the sales platform, but also attracts the customer’s eye.

By dispensing with distractions in the frame, we are sure that nothing will distract the buyer from the product on offer. Instead, the appropriate use of lighting, will bring out the advantages of the product – its form, structure and functionality. Packshots will work well with both very large and small products.

Close-ups on the details

Speaking of functionality, this one is perfectly exposed by close-ups of the details. This will give the customer an opportunity to look at the finish or detailed elements. Take, for example, hiking crampons, the sharp ends of which are best seen in close-ups. Or a multitool. There are so many elements hidden in this tool that, to see them all, without a close-up, not a move!

Packshots of clothing

A comfortable workout can be facilitated by functional clothing. This one, depending on the sport practiced, may vary. It is therefore extremely important to highlight its most important elements. This is best conveyed by packshot, or rather its “clothing” variety – a ghost mannequin photo.

With this type of product photography, we can show not only the appearance of the garment itself, but also how it fits on the body. And that’s without involving models! Are you curious how this is possible? Be sure to read our article on ghost photos, from which you will learn how we create such product shots.

Arranged product photos

A well-written training plan will include exercises for different muscle parts. Therefore, although we like white and minimalism, we can’t limit ourselves only to them. In our offer, in addition to packshots, you will find arranged product photos.

With the help of props, we highlight the unique features of the photographed objects. Take, for example, diet catering. According to a well-known women’s trainer, the right diet accounts for as much as 70% of success. Boxed meals are therefore certainly eagerly ordered by athletes. To make your offer stand out from the rest, your product photos must be unique. So how about a tasty arrangement of the dish accompanied by fresh vegetables? Throw in vibrant background colors, such as green or yellow, which further evoke associations with freshness and vitality. Recipe for success ready!

Product session for freshweek
Product session for freshweek

Product photography with model and model

Sports accessories sometimes require instructions for use. In this role, arranged product photos with a model will work perfectly. By looking at the photo, the customer will immediately know how to use the equipment in question, so they will immediately decide if it is the item they are looking for. In addition, he won’t have to wade through a thicket of descriptions, which may encourage him to buy.

The attractiveness of lifestyle frames is also enhanced by the dynamism that comes with the movements of the model or model captured in the photo.

Professional product photography

In product photography, as in sports, technique and attention to detail are important. The photographers at know this very well, and they will take packshots and arranged product photos for you, according to your plan. With years of experience, they know how to operate light, emphasizing structures and spatiality of objects. They will also take care of the saturated colors to make them look as unique as in real life. So how? Adding us to your plan?


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