How to photograph clothes?

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If you run a fashion brand, you certainly know the importance of aesthetics. The photographs of the products in your offerings must therefore be perfect. No detail, not even the smallest, can be overlooked. It is therefore extremely important to capture the texture of a fabric or the color of a button in a photo. How to achieve it? You need professional work with light and the right frames. What does it mean? We hasten to respond!

How to photograph clothes?

Whether your store already has plenty of regular customers or you are just starting out with your own fashion brand: the key to sales success is to present your product attractively. To draw customers’ eyes to your offerings and make them fall in love with your products at first sight, it’s worth taking care of the right photos. How to photograph clothes to make them look stunning?

Hanger, or hanging clothes

Elegant, thoughtful and natural – these are the qualities with which packshots of garments on the rack can be described. What are they actually? It’s a kind of packshot , used in clothing photography, in which garment items are presented on a hanger, which gives the effect of spatiality and allows to better reflect the shape of the clothes.

Packshots of garments on a hanger can be realized in two ways: with the hanger visible in the photo or with the hanger removed. In the first case, the hanger adds authenticity and naturalness to the photo, while in the second case, it allows the effect of floating clothes, adding lightness and elegance to the photo.

Depending on your needs and style of clothing presentation, you can choose the right hanger – wooden, metal or plastic. It is important to match the type of hanger with the nature of the garment to be photographed, so that the whole creates a coherent composition. A well-chosen hanger will make clothes look aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Flatshot, or flat garments

Minimalist, aesthetic and simple – these are the qualities by which flatshot can be defined. What exactly is he? It’s a kind of packshot , used in clothing photography, in which clothing items are laid flat and photographed from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Depending on the concept of the presentation of the clothes, they can be folded in a cube, spread full width or wavy (but always ironed!). The right light setting will help show the texture of the fabric. Such an arrangement is perfect for photographing accessories, underwear or socks.

Ghost mannequin photos

When you hear “ghost,” do you mean a scary ghost from horror movies? Or the kind-hearted fairy tale ghost Kacper? We have ghosts in product photography, too. And these are the ones that will definitely help you increase your sales! Ghost photos , as they are referred to, belong to the category of packshots, but unlike flatshots, they allow you to present your clothes in a multidimensional way.

How it works. Ghost packshots are made on a mannequin, which allows you to show how the clothes lay on the body. However, that’s not all! Unlike photos on a model, such photos also show the inside of a particular garment. With the right work with light, we will also make the texture of the material visible.

Ghost photos are a great solution for online stores with a wide range of clothes. The photographs are consistent, which will make the sales page look clear and aesthetically pleasing. An additional plus may be the turnaround time – this one is definitely shorter than a classic lookbook session.

Photos on model

When the ghosts hide in the closets, a model can step out onto the photographic backdrop (albeit white, not red like the carpet in Hollywood). Photos of clothing on a model , despite their static form, are more dynamic than those on a ghost. Working with a human being makes it possible to present clothing in poses not possible with a mannequin. This will show, among other things, the behavior of the fabric when bending arms and legs or simply the product in motion.

At marshal, we take photos on the model so that we do not pay extra for the model and the dissemination of her photo. This is a favorable proposition, right?

Lifestyle clothing photography

It might seem that photographing clothes has one shade. However, nothing could be further from the truth! After all, it’s not just white that product photography stands for. We can also take photos of clothing in lifestyle arrangements! Such a solution will significantly enliven the photo and suggest possible uses for the product. Do you offer yoga clothing sets? So how about photographing them on a model practicing in a home setting? Do you sell footwear for women? How about exposing them on the model’s legs?

Product photography of clothing – summary

On a hanger, flat, photos on a ghost, on a model or perhaps lifestyle arrangements? Which of the proposals fits into your brand DNA? Whichever option you choose, you entrust the preparation of your offer presentation to professionals. We have been photographing clothing for years, and we take an individual approach to each client. Together we will earn the success of your brand!


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