How to photograph children’s accessories?

The magic of photography also works in the children's world. We suggest how to use this spell!

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Although we photograph now, not “long, long ago,” and take professional product photos not “behind the mountains, behind the forests” but in Warsaw, your brand’s children’s accessories can look like a fairy tale. All you have to do is entrust them into our hands, and we will start conjuring! The result of this magic will be excellent photos of children’s accessories and clothing . What frames do we use for these spells?

Packshots of children’s accessories

The main character of our cartoon is packshot , who is perfect like a prince. Instead of a ride on a white steed, it offers us a white background on which each product is presented extremely aesthetically. Properly used light emphasizes the texture and form of the product. It is perfect for photographing small products as well as those with large dimensions.

Flatshot of children’s clothing

The role of one of the seven dwarfs in this photographic tale can be played by a flatshot, or packshot, but taken from a bird’s perspective. It works best for photos of children‘s clothing when these small garments, such as bodysuits for toddlers or sweatshirts for older children, are laid flat against a white background .

Ghost mannequin photos

We also can’t forget about clothes for moms. These we most often photograph on the ghost mannequin. It has nothing to do with evil spirits, for they allow garments to be shown in a multidimensional way. How does it work? We photograph the clothes on a mannequin, including the pregnancy one, and then remove it in post-production. This allows us to showcase not only how a particular garment sits on the body, but also how it looks on the inside. Intriguing, right?

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Packshot on ghost mannequin – Granatovo

Organicshot of baby products

Organicshot will also be an excellent choice, emphasizing the softness of children’s products. This method of photography was prompted by a forest fairy who loved to stroll through a meadow bathed in sunlight. We, too, love sunshine, so we like to use it in product shots.

When creating an organicshot , we use natural light (or a studio simulation of it), which adds freshness and subtlety to the photos. Such frames are sure to attract customers looking for gentle products for their little ones!

Arranged photos of children’s accessories

Fabulous product photographs are created not only against a uniform background, but also in arranged settings. What comes to mind, of course, is a child’s room! This is a great place to take product photos of baby accessories, as well as clothing for the toddler and young mom! Pastel wall colors can evoke associations with gentleness and innocence, and wooden floors will remind you of the warmth of home.

Product photography with a small model

Speaking of accessories for a toddler, fairytale royalty tells us that these look great presented by a little model or model. They are the ones who can best introduce adult customers to the world of children’s games and fairy tales. And they will perfectly demonstrate how the garment is placed on the baby. They will also show how to play with toys or use children’s sports equipment. So we can say that, in a way, they are quality testers, which may convince some adult customers to buy.

How to photograph children’s accessories?

The action of our fairy tale has been taking place in the marshal for more than a dozen years. During this time, we took many product photos of children’s accessories. Packshots, organicshots, as well as arranged photographs of products appeared in leading roles. You, and your products, can be a part of this fairy tale, and this fairy tale is sure to enhance your offerings!


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