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    Order photos in 1 minute

    Get ready to discover a new level of quality product photography with Commissioning a professional product shoot has never been so easy and fast.
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    Packshots, organicshots, lifestyle photos, or photos or videos with model? We deliver all the sessions that ecommerce needs 📸

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    Specify the number of photos for your project, add additional options to it and check the quote. We take care transparency of the process and ease of use.

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    All you need to do is to specify your expectations for product photos and provide details for invoice.

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    Your project just went to marshal! Rest assured, we will keep you updated on each stage of implementation.

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      Do you have questions that you can't find answers to below? Check out our FAQs or contact us. At MarszalStudio, we are always at your service.

      We take photos on a mannequin-ghost and other shots of clothing as part of packshots.

      In the first step, select the ‘Packshot’ option.

      For example, do you want to commission packshots and lifestyle? Do this by ordering two separate sessions.

      Packshot is a product photo, so 3 packshots are 3 photos

      We called Organicshot photos that give the impression of having been taken in sunlight.

      The contrasting appearance of the product is complemented by a solid background and a sharp shadow.

      Photos with two products and more are billed as group photos. The current rate for a group photo in a standard implementation is 100 PLN net.

      The exceptions are sets where the product appears with packaging. These are confirmed and determined individually.

      Your project will be submitted for execution after payment of the proforma invoice.

      To receive an invoice with extended payment terms, contact us before ordering the project.


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