How to increase sales on Allegro with photos

Professional product packshot photography can make a potential buyer stop at your offer.

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Technical requirements

To begin with, read the terms and conditions of the platform. Every vendor must follow certain rules including those regarding photography. According to Allegro’s stipulations, the photos must represent the product very accurately. This is to make it easier for buyers to read the offer and make a decision. However, that’s not all. Allegro presents a number of technical requirements. Your photos:

  • must not contain any text or pasted company logo (but you can give the dimensions of the products),
  • are to have a maximum size of 2560×2560 pixels (the minimum length of the longer side is 500 pixels, too large photos are automatically scaled) and a maximum resolution of 26 Mpix,
  • can be in several formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP.

What’s more, posting a photograph without the author’s permission is not allowed.

How to increase conversions?

Most people are visual learners, which means they absorb most information through their eyesight. That’s why professional product photos have a huge impact on decision-making and can increase sales conversions. What does this mean for you as a brand owner?

First of all, consider how best to present the products. It would be ideal to do a session with an experienced photographer who will prepare packshots. Be sure to show all product details. The more details you provide, the better the chances that you will encourage the customer to buy. No one wants to pay for the proverbial cat in the bag, so you need to satisfy the curiosity of those using Allegro.

White background photos or creative photos?

Photos on a white background are perfectly acceptable, but you can get a little more creative with your photo shoot. Play with colors and textures. Surprise a potential buyer, so that he will not pass indifferently by your listings. You can choose a background that relates to the colors of the product or choose an interesting texture. It’s worth getting into psychology a bit. Some colors stimulate action, others herald tranquility. If you want to sell a particular product, you need to influence the viewer by matching the hue to the brand photo.

If you sell cosmetics, you can go crazy with colors. Or are you in the business of manufacturing baby clothes? In this case, choose muted shades that are associated with security and tranquility.

Product photos with arrangements, or lifestyle photos, are also a good idea. With pictures of pots and tableware, you can create a mini kitchen and arrange a tasty dish on plates. Packshots of clothes are advantageous to make on models or ghost mannequins. By doing so, you will influence the viewer by showing the benefits they will gain by buying your product.

Product photography is all about playing with light. A great choice in this case is organicshot photos. With the help of natural light and shadow, you get a more dynamic, spatial photo. Your photos will stand out from the competition.

Do you retouch your photos?

Photo proofreading is a fairly common practice in the world of e-commerce, including packshots of clothing, footwear, cosmetics and all other products that can be found on platforms such as Allegro. However, it is worth remembering that despite the technological possibilities, product photos should always faithfully reflect reality.

We are not here to transform products into something they are not. Manipulation of a product’s form or appearance can lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately negative feedback. Keep in mind that too much creativity in photo processing can end up in an unwanted publication with a series of ‘expectations vs. reality’. We wouldn’t want your products to become memes on the Internet, would we?

At marshalstudio, taking care of the appearance of the photos, but most importantly the satisfaction of your client, we focus on completing the photo, not transforming it. Our work includes refinement of light, full color rendering, and removal of pollen or dust.

Sharpening photos is another key element that helps show the product in its best light. Our activities are aimed not only at increasing the attractiveness of the photo, but also at building trust in your brand by presenting the products you offer in a reliable and professional manner.


Product photography plays an extremely important role. Well-crafted photos can influence the psyche of viewers, encouraging them to buy and presenting products in the best possible light. Investing in a professional photo shoot is a way to capture the attention of the viewer. Professionally prepared packshots are your key to success.


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