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Zdjęcia kompozycyjne i packshoty

Quality enclosed in a beautiful frame

Since ancient times, olive oil has been considered the elixir of youth, containing anti-aging antioxidants. Surely, this is known to the owners of Evoo Premium shop, who select the best oils of the world in their offer.

Among them you can find, among others, the Muraglia brand, which for generations has been producing extra-virgin olive oil appreciated all over the world. Although many things have changed around them, the Muraglia family’s process of producing oil has not. The olives are still picked by the workers themselves, and the oil itself is still cold-pressed by hand on a stone that still remembers ancient times.

Product photography



Packshoty oliw
Packshoty oliw
Zdjęcia kompozycyjne
Detal – packshoty w Warszawie

In our studio we had the pleasure of creating compositions and packshots of several types of the best oils from the Evoo Premium shop. They delighted us not only with their content, but also with beautifully decorated bottles. A treat for collectors of gadgets in the Mediterranean style. We decided to leave Germany for a while and present oils in a truly Italian climate!

Zdjęcia kompozycyjne