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Lifestyle dla Atopik Polska

ATOPIK Finland

Vegan, Finnish-sourced dermocosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin. The ideal basis for the daily care of all those who face daily irritations and allergies. The unusual formulas from which these ultra-natural cosmetics are made will soothe, moisturise and nourish thirsty skin and body.

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In the compositions we have the pleasure of making for the Atopik brand, we are inspired not only by the richness of the ingredients from which the dermocosmetics are made, but also to a large extent by the country they come from.
It is in Finland that we find a certain rawness and organicness that perfectly complements the visual side of these fine cosmetics.

Fotografia kompozycyjna dla ATOPIK POLSKA
Lifestyle dla Atopik Polska
Lifestyle dla Atopik Polska